Recover Access

in 3 easy steps

  1. Check your email for the Data Protection Key Access email you received when you registered for Self-Service Recovery.
  3. Click the link provided in the email and enter your email address to receive your access recovery keys.
  5. Enter a provided access key at boot.

Questions? Read our FAQ

What is Your Passcode?

Your Passcode helps IT Administrators protect company data using whole drive encryption while empowering device users to easily set and recover encryption keys on demand. We provide full endpoint encryption services in an intuitive and easy-to-use manner across the enterprise.
Your Passcode provides credential management for security providers. If you received an email from, or you are attempting to recover encryption keys to access data on your device that is protected by one of our partners, you are at the right place.
If you're locked out, click the link your admin emailed you to get started.

Get Your Passcode for Your Enterprise

If you are looking to implement a whole drive encryption and key management solution for your organization please reach out to us at and someone from our team will follow up within 24 hours.